Escape Plan

by Warder

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Scumbag Metal that simply rocks! Definitely evidence of influence by European speed metal bands - Iron Savior and Gamma Ray come to mind. If you're in the mood for some head banging check Warder out. Favorite track: Alone.
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Escape Plan: Warder's first EP
-now available for complete download-


released March 26, 2012

Warder is
Guillaume Laberge - Singing
Steven Harbour – Down picking
Mathieu Francoeur – Sweep picking & Tapping
Jerome St-Charles – Grooving & More singing
Patrick Guillemette - Hitting & Orchestrations

Escape Plan EP
All songs composed & arranged by Warder
Lyrics by J. St-Charles, G. Laberge, M. Francoeur
Additional vocals by the Hotel Miwaï Choir

Produced by Louis Frederic Benoit and Warder
Recorded and Mixed by Louis Frederic Benoit at LFB Studio, Lévis, Canada
Mastering by Luc Tellier

Artwork, Logo & Booklet by Guillaume Menuel (
Photo by Fred Laroche



all rights reserved


Warder Québec

Quebec City based Warder was formed back in 2004 as a tribute band.
Work on original material was initiated around 2008. The result is a concept-driven hybrid of bombastic yet technical heavy metal at the core with sporadic incursions into the progressive, power metal and hard rock genres.
In 2012, Warder completed their first official release: Escape Plan EP.
Be sure not to miss them on stage!
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Track Name: Speak to Me
Speak to Me

Feel me, hear me, sense me
I’m here my old friend
I bid you welcome
Feed me, fuel me, drive me
Unleash all that rage
Shake my confusion

I read right down into your soul
Your game has unfold

See me, push me, fear me
There’s no escape now
The time has come
Grab me, fight me, hit me
Live free of your sin
Unveil your desires

I read right down into your soul
You’re out of control

I, I know them all, your secrets your lies
Friends ‘till the end? Betrayed!
Face to face we stand upon the edge
I know ‘cause they speak to me

See you lying to jail me
Your hopes were in vain
This isyour last stand
Obsession paled away
You failed and I've grown someway
No time left for you
Track Name: Alone

Behold the truth of an unknown time
Through lapses of ages until this night
Reversed polarity between the tides
One made of hope, one made of naught
Defiance to your existence
I cannot stand aside, revenge is mine

Aeons ago you were alone
Without a place you could call home
Warding a reciprocal own

Oh tell me why
My mind was born of fire
Through the mirror of your eye
A noble savage turned into deceiver
The torments of my life
A twin to your desire

Alone! So alone, yeah!

Upon this life I swear this oath
To sunder all that you hold
Beware of the shadows, they’re my folks
Nowhere to run nowhere to hide
Even your thoughts they will resign
Under the gaze of my sight, you will die

Aeons ago you were alone
Without a place you could call home
Warding a reciprocal own, I’m alone!
Track Name: Midnight Run
Midnight Run

Reasons to hope became frenzy for gold
Lost sanity to fame in this game
No democracy at all
I’d break the laws to win my cause
Can my sins be washed away?
Those years went so fast, I never thought that I would last

Reality turned into enemy
Who’s the friend of the foe in this woe?
All who hear me heed my call and help me out

Breaching the rules of morality
Fear the hounds on your trail

The time has come and I must belong
To the bold and the strong
A watcher the night, the reaper in white
Burning down to the core
Fuelled by desire to prevail
Vengeance is ahead

Among the best I would never have rest
Compulsion to success, it’s a test
I’m so close to being the one, I can’t give up

Tell me what is the price to pay?
There’s no way to turn back now

Join the midnight run...

Captain Challenge!
Track Name: Pyromancer

Driven to the brink of madness
Doomed for all times to come but never to be alone again
Ever since I’ve held my focus
To fight this addiction, this time it’s just too much to bear

Speaking directly to your mind
I’ll make you join my cult, follow me to set you free from pain
Puppeteer without the need of strings
Inconsiderate for life, people are only matches in my hands

Surging adrift
The crimson night is spinning wrong
Mind bending fist
The second sight, the killing tongue
Face in the mist
The coming blight, the vice among
Calling it quits
It’s been a lie for much too long

A desolate home my breath caught fire
Seeding the truth unheard, to spark what lurks inside
I came to realize life can only be reborn from ashes
I will bring this world anew and bear this sin
‘Way it has to be so now you will obey me

Minions of the burning legion
Answer my call to arms, arise, the war has just begun
Nobody will ever catch me
I am the Pyromancer, raging infernos are a sweet sight to me


It’s been a lie for much too long
Track Name: The Fight Before the End
The Fight Before the End

Break the chains, step out of the shadows
T’was all wasted anyway
Those virtue-bearers, self-called men
They have done it again

Toss the mantle, and drop the mask
All you’ve tried was meant to fail
You want to throw it away, it all made you go astray
Now’s the time to catch up, and make them pay…

How could I feel so alone, in this matrix of instincts?
Invisible among them, yet all they see of me is
The hero of the day… saviour of the human ways
Six billion minds to mend the truth

How could I suddenly hate those I cared for like brothers?
I encompass their fate… with unconditional vows
I want to throw it away, because of them I’m afraid
All I wanted was a place, to make me whole

Teach me life! ‘Cause I gotta find a sign
Just break the ice, already about to resign?
Teach me love! ‘Cause I’ve got to understand
Look above… and take command

How will I know it is true? In a world full of You
I need a guide over there, to take me through
You need no seer, nor light, you’re gifted with hindsight
So prepare for this fight… before the end…

Just fight before the end
Why are you free now, you deserved to die in jail
Need to run for my life, otherwise I will fail
I will burn you all with the flare of a thousand suns
Leave me be all alone so I don’t harm anyone
Must I fight? Lore is at hand…

No! I’ll never turn on what I own
Angel of disaster, blightbringer, ravager
No! I won’t exit the stage alone
Crafter of life and hope, newborn of the sun

Every time I give life, death is cast upon my road
Thundering urge to create, yet destruction is bestowed...
Push! I’m pushing deeper, I’m pushing deeper
The true power is the one you don’t control

A brighter light is guiding the memories of men
Like beacons pointing the way out of the darkest den
Fabled and reckoned in the new religion hive
T’was but a grain of sand, a glimpse at your insides